Culture and media

In praise of silence

To achieve a kind of silent cultural stimulus enough to avoid the more obvious and more subtle? Or is it better to immerse ourselves in the absolute noise?

Claret Serrahima Oscar Guayabero (Today, 30 June 2009)

What if for once apostéssim by silence this summer? That is, silence stimuli. We are not going to the theater, not music heard, not read, visit exhibitions or monuments, do not buy newspapers are not going to lectures. Silence. We wish to cancel the trip to see the Venice Biennale, gave Greek entries thereof Millennium third issue until September. Unplug the television. Need a place to spend the holidays without cultural life. A haven where we do not have internet access. It would be nice to have some tough physical work to mitigate the temptation to cultivate ourselves culturally. Better than an orchard garden. The garden can evoke aesthetic remains versallescos us. We work from sunrise to sunset and when the evening following the fresh employment without further hear the silence. Maybe watch the stars fall by St. Lawrence, provided they do not know the constellations, because the memory of Roman mythology leads us stories and legends. Anodyne choose a house with no history. Let us not fall into the trap of spending the summer in an interesting house, a house with an architecture rich in nuances. Move away from the temptation of aesthetic enjoyment of the site designed. Avoid listening to the bells of the church tower, we could commemorate the religious narrative, the paintings of Madonnas or Romanesque altarpieces. If we can avoid listening to the birds singing in the afternoon, the murmur of the sea, the sound of wind among the poplars, we may recall a movie and we have already fallen into the trap of cultural memory. While Cavemen land, ignore the shape of the plow, we would not refer to culture objectual popular wisdom that has been painted over the centuries. Move quickly see any momentum in poetic flowers watered by the dew. If we are together, setting a dangerous but sometimes unavoidable cultural, not keep interesting conversations, not discussed, not look at the present together. If our partner, try to empty rhetoric of our feelings for each other. If we allitem together, sex does not increase the transcendental and poetic metaphors, do not fall into the memory of that bed scene of cinema that was checked. Perhaps all this will come in a new thought, an interesting proposal, a project for the winter or maybe nothing, just silence, which is a lot.

You must have a plan B ready
Unfortunately, it failed. It is unlikely that in our attempt to go out in search for silence. It is impossible to ignore our cultural past, our archival hard disk of the brain. We can not leave home without it or see an ad that will connect with the collective imagination. It's hard not to hear a song than a car, do not see a banner for an exhibition. Thinking it right, we have another option. Choose a holiday town, a picturesque coastal village full of life, accumulating all the cultural agendas are published, go to bookstores and buy all the books of the window. Come to the cinema, restaurants sopem with cultural aspirations. Then go to concerts. Let us turn to every poetry, sacred music and chamber orchestra that can. Let us the day between museums, buy all the catalogs. Recover those forgotten friendships during the year and organize cultural evenings. Let the radio and television always on. We review all the newspapers every morning. Escape us in Madrid, London, Berlin or New York to see the exhibition of the year. We queued to be the first to have tickets for summer festivals anywhere. Who pass near recite love poems known and predictable. Express with words the joy that children raised site architecture, the beauty of a picture or an ad, makes both. Follow the refried television, lightweight programs, collections of short stories who edit newspapers. Follow the radio hits of the summer, we reject them popular, but dance them to the festival. Finally, we make our vacation the paradigm of leisure culture. Let us first cultural consumers, show us active in our efforts to raise the bar for summer gatherings. It is quite possible that, at least, we fill our time. Culture fill our day and our thinking. And finally, this should not be the way to the silence? Keeping ourselves busy with the petty-bourgeois cultureta that blooms in summer, will not succeed, in fact, not feeling anything? Noise not manage to silence the silence with more and more common places, topics, and entertainment with ínfules sweetened versions of transcendence?

Here's the formula to achieve the silence, not having to think about anything, not having to create anything, build anything, anything proposed to be the perfect audience, the archetypal Tertullian, columnist rhetoric, the model citizen. Here silence summer making a noise coming headache.