Architecture and urbanism

The feet on the ground and head into space

Suplemento Cultura Avui (18 de Marzo de 2010) Xavier Claramunt se ha especializado en hoteles. Ahora está haciendo un hotel ‘low cost&r..

Architects avenue

Avui, Suplemento Cultura 22 de Abril 2010. txt: Oscar Guayabero fotos: Jordi Ubanell..

Culture and media

Who has killed the art?

And if art is no longer a mediator with the beyond, with the transcendent, if it also has lost its ability to transform and is no longer a land of fre..

In praise of silence

To achieve a kind of silent cultural stimulus enough to avoid the more obvious and more subtle? Or is it better to immerse ourselves in the absolute n..


Story of a traffic light

Publicado en el Ara (5 de diciembre de 2010)¿Había que cambiar los semáforos de 529 de las 1.671 cruces de Barcelona? La sustituc..

OK Studio & Friends at Barcelona

Publicado en el TimeOut Cultura (19 de Diciembre de 2010) OK Studio & Friends en Barcelona Hasta el 14 de Enero Otrascosas de Villarrosá..

Activism and counterculture

100% done with trash

Little documentary about the work of architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart, creators of the concept of "Cradle to Cradle (cradle t..