Visions of Catalonia (Designing crafts)

This edition of the Biennale vindicates craftsmanship as a method of producing objects of use, of a domestic nature, beyond decoration or aesthetic enjoyment and shows how design intervenes to give them utility. The axis of the selected proposals lies in the relationship between design and craftsmanship, and you can find everyday objects, from hydraulic tile..

Design for life

Design is an activity that has become fully part of our lives. We live in a world that is shaped largely by human effort and in which design is so present that it often becomes invisible until it ceases to wor..

Helvetica. A New Typography?

Curator with Laura Meseguer Space Design: XNF arquietectes Graphic Design: Laura Meseguer AV: Mich Micenmacher, Jordi Serra Photography: Xavi Padrós, Oriol Rigat The exhibition project focuses on the Helvetica typeface – 2010 marks the centenary of the birth of the Swiss typographer, Max Miedinger, best known for having designed the Helvetica typeface in 1957...

Architecture rooted, connected words

2008 Idea Lab (Grupo Idea Arquitectura Corporativa) Gráfica: Cél·lula Montaje: Idea Lab ..


Decorative Arts Museum. Barcelona, Andorra Concepts and desingns for a change of century..


This interdisciplinary space, at times vague, at times unclassifiable, sketches a map of the territory with new points of convergence and new crossings of information and action, and suggests heretofore unexplored paths of investigation...

Hidden Graphics

The goal of this catalogue and exhibition is to turn an aspect of the contemporary culture into heritage: the graphic design...