Helvetica. A New Typography?

Curator with Laura Meseguer

Space Design: XNF arquietectes

Graphic Design: Laura Meseguer

AV: Mich Micenmacher, Jordi Serra

Photography: Xavi Padrós, Oriol Rigat

The exhibition project focuses on the Helvetica typeface – 2010 marks the centenary of the birth of the Swiss typographer, Max Miedinger, best known for having designed the Helvetica typeface in 1957.

The exhibition, “Helvetica. A New Typeface?”, organised and produced by DHUB in collaboration with the Fundació Comunicació Gràfica (FGC), spotlights the typeface created by the Swiss typographer, Max Miedinger, in 1957.

The exhibition includes a timeline of Helvetica’s consolidation over the last fifty years with a view to understanding its role in the history of design, as well as its antecedents and its subsequent influence.

The itinerary, however, starts out with a selection of local works, highlighting the top-quality design of current and past creations whose common denominator is their use of Helvetica.

On display are exhibits by both young designers and consolidated studios, notably David Ruiz, Pablo Martín and the studio Lo Siento, among others. Also featured are works by local designers who pioneered successful use of the typeface, including Ricard Giralt Miracle, Josep Pla-Narbona and Enric Satué.

The exhibition, on view at DHUB Montcada from 2 December to 7 February, pays modest homage to this typeface whose evolution accounts for much of 20th-century design.